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Colite™ Defined:



Colite™ is a composition of lightweight materials fabricated into various shapes, finishes and thicknesses. These panels can be used as ceiling treatments, free standing faux walls, partitions and oversized signage panels. Finishes include custom solid colors, printed graphics, wood, metal and standard laminate colors and patterns. Panels come with a self contained joining system and pre-installed hanging hardware.


Colite™ Panels

Used when standard Foam Boards just wont work. CoLite
Panels can be manufactured oversized and up to 12” thick.
Straight or Undulating configurations can be joined in
unlimited lengths and finished in thousands of different
colors, finishes or custom graphics.

Interior Image_PureSleep Mattress Store.jpg

Colite™ Partitions

Separate departments or accentuate settings with CoLite Partitions. Partitions can be made to accept changeable inserts and screens. Partitions can be made to simulate solid walls. Thousands of colors, textures and patterns are available.



Colite™ Aerials

Ceiling treatments such as Canopies, Soffits, Trellis’ and Baffles can be easily installed with the CoLite Aerial System.
Any shape, size or configuration can be engineered.
Thousands of colors, textures and patterns are available.
Lights can be pre-installed or attached in the field.




Our fabric SEG frame systems come in thousands of profiles and options to choose from.  We can print fabric directly or utilze die-sublimation printing for eye popping, high resolution graphics. 

Oversized hanging fabric shapes can be used for canopies, clouds or any number of different architectural ceiling treatments.

Our lighting systems can also be incorporated into any fram or ceiling treatment for unique backlit solutions.


Super Graphics

We can cover drywall, metal, wood, plastic or brick with our high-resolution super graphics. The advancement of adhesive technology such as re-positionable vinyl can be easily installed and taken down; leaving no adhesive residue behind, saving on costly drywall repair. Our ability to create custom patterns and designs on wallpaper, also provides a unique opportunity for retailers to provide a uniformed look throughout their stores.



Dimensional Copy

From Cut to Cast, wall mounted to Stand-Off or Standard to Backlit our capabilities allow us to produce letters in Metal, Plastic, Foam, Acrylic or Wood. We can custom paint to match any color, texture or finish. 

Our state of the art routers and fabrication equipment help to provide a huge array of sizes and thicknesses based on whatever fits your budget or project requirements.




Nationwide installation services are one of the offerings we feel sets us apart from our competition. We have won numerous awards and earned the trust of the nations top retailers when it comes to handling the implementation of single store prototypes to national rollouts. From blueprint takes-offs to the final clean-up, we have over 28 years experience in meeting deadlines and making what seems impossible — possible!